Dog Obedience Walking with Training and Beyond

  • Obedience Commands
  • Tricks and Games
  • Agility
  • Ball Etiquette

Includes 2 hour training. Behavior issues corrected guaranteed.

Dog Taxi Day of Fun Prices

The day with Dog Taxi will cost you:

1x/wk: $45/day

2x/wk: $40/day

3 or 4x/wk: $35/day

5x/wk: $30/day

(GST is included), these prices do not include transport.

For transport from and back home the rate is $5 per day.

We recommend a monthly private lesson with one of our senior trainers to get to real behavior changes sooner. After some time private lessons are needed only for specific issues.

Private lesson:         $60 per hour

Call us now on (604) 720-0358 to discuss your requirements.

Saving Packages:

Monthly subscription for 2 times per week:   $300

Monthly subscription for 3 times per week:   $400

Monthly subscription for 4 times per week:   $500

Monthly subscription for 5 times per week:   $600

Prices include GST.

To book you in, please call (604) 720-0358

View Prices here.

Don’t Get Caught Running in the Sun:

Renewal of License: $25 (Dog Taxi) + $35 (city license fee)

Replacement: $25 (Dog Taxi) + $35 (city license fee) $15 for ongoing customers of DogTaxi.

DogTaxi rescue tag: $25 for Vancouver, $50 Richmond, Burnaby and Vancouver, $100 for Vancouver, Burnaby, Chilliwack, Coquitlam, and Surrey.

With the Dog Taxi rescue tag, if somebody finds your dog, they can call Dog Taxi and we will transport your dog from the person who calls in directly to you.


  • It cost $250 for a fine for not having a tag
  • You will never miss a license date again
  • Dog Taxi can deliver same day and city hall often takes 6 months to send out the license
  • Your experience outside with your dog will be totally stress free all summer long.
  • This prevents you having to give your information to a stranger and potential dog kidnapper if they call you.
  • If your dog gets lost and Dog Taxi will swing by and pick your dog up. will come pick them up. If you are not available we will take care of them all day long.


  • It costs $25 more to get a license with Dog Taxi
  • Dog Taxi will call you or email you repeatedly when your license is due
  • City hall will deliver it to you anyways for the price of the license.
  • You might not get fined if you can avoid the increase in animal control officers during the summer.
  • You have to give your information to Dog Taxi and your permission to have the information on file so that we can get your tag each year.
  • Your dog might be apprehensive to socialize with other dogs or be picked up by our staff when they get lost.