Dog Taxi Vancouver
Dog Taxi Vancouver

Dog Taxi Boarding

Dog Taxi Style Boarding: 

We will be a second home for your dog while you are away in our homes.

We provide home style dog boarding, that means, we do not use cages or kennels. It is the equivalent of leaving your dog with your best friends.

With Dog Taxi Boarding your dog will have a fun packed day of activity. Your dog will get a two hour excercise and training session in the day.

• Offers an alternative to conventional kenneling for those interested in the best for their dog
• Dogs are let in and out throughout the day for activities and exercise
• Daily 2 hours outdoor training with walking sessions at the dog parks or the dog beaches
• Includes off leash and on leash training, physical and mental stimulation for your dog
• Offers dogs socialization, obedience, exercise and a lot of FUN!!!
• Perfect for those going on vacation or with busy schedules.
• Staff are all dog lovers and dog owners themselves and are expertly trained.

Recommended that customers take advantage of the grooming services offered by Dog Daycare and Boarding to have their dog and his/her nails cleaned at end of stay.

Dog Boarding Prices:

1st week:                        $50 per day

2nd week:                      $45 per day

3rd week:                       $40 per day

4th week and longer:     $35 per day

Saving Packages:

10 Day Package:          $450 (We recommend Wash, Blow Dry and Nails before going home)

20 Day Package:          $800 (We recommend Wash, Blow Dry and Nails before going home)

Prices include GST.  To book you in, please call 604.720.0358