To be the first entirely environmentally friendly dog walking with training service in Vancouver, using solely propane or hybrid or electric vehicles to supply our canine-taxi fleet. We at Dog Taxi are intent on becoming a model for small business environmentalism throughout the lower mainland.

The aim of Dog Taxi is to provide a home style service, with no use of kennels for the dogs to feel in their own home.

This is to be an alternative to conventional kenneling and is intended to provide a top-notch home-to-home dog sitting resource, for owners who are only interested in the best for their dog. The amount of exercise that your dog has will be closely monitored and will be not less than three hours per day.

One two hour walk will be monitored by having employees met by a supervisor during their walk, whereas the other two walks of the day will be subject to “spot-checks”.

In addition to this, our services include a dog-taxi, an environmentally friendly dog-walking service and a basic-training service for dogs, employing qualified handlers trained in psychological techniques pertinent to dogs and using standards accepted at international levels.

We are fully insured by ING insurance company or Loyd Thompson insurance of Canada.

We also supply animal-portraiture services at competitive rates.


“When I needed a place for my dog to stay while I went away, I searched and found John at Dog Taxi. I immediately started sending my two year old out with him twice per week to see how he fared before leaving him with a stranger. He came home tired and happy and it soon became clear that he was very attached to John. By the time I left for my trip, both John and Trinlay were very comfortable with each other and John was very familiar with T’s routine.. When I returned, Trinlay was relaxed, happy and healthy That was over seven years ago!!! I still send Trinlay out with John and his team at least twice per week because he loves it. Furthermore, I can travel with complete peace of mind knowing that Trinlay is safe and happy while I am away. As a loving dog owner, I couldn’t ask for anything more.” Penny Killas, Feb. 30th, 2013


“I have had the good luck to come across their business through a friend of mine. I was getting really desperate since I have a Beagle Puppy which I adore but was having problems at the doggy daycare I was leaving her at. Since day one Dog Taxi understood the charactericstics of her breed and were happy to accomodate her and train her according to her temper. John, George and Angela show true love for dogs and they have proven that they know lots about dogs and training. Bella (my baby girl) has improved incredibly and even my mom during her visit was surprised on the results considering that she’s a 9 months old puppy. She still has a long way to go but I know that I’ve found the right team and will continue working with them. They make my sweet young girl happy and they make me happy as well! Thank you guys!!!!” Monica Moretto, Jan. 28th, 2013


“I’ve been using Dog Taxi for almost a year. I started sending my youngest dog to burn off excess energy and play with dogs his age, as my oldest dog doesn’t always feel like indulging the little guy. After my big dog’s walker decided to stop walking West Van dogs I also started sending her with Dog Taxi. Currently, my dogs each go twice a week. The other days, I walk them myself.

I’m a very involved/neurotic owner. I constantly want to know what’s going on with my dogs – and I usually like to get picture and video to back it up. I ask lots of questions and stay in frequent contact with both John and Jorge. Never at any time have I been made to feel that my “checking-in” is anything but welcome.

After being out with Dog Taxi both of my dogs are exhausted – not only physically, but mentally. Nothing like structured play to wear out a fur-covered ball of energy. Since starting with Dog Taxi my younger dog has dropped his rock obsession and now happily chases his ball instead. My older dog has been with them for only 2 months but already she’s learning how to play and interact with a lively group of dogs – something she’s never been especially good at.” Andrea Fraser, May 29th, 2012


“Our little dog has been with Dog Taxi for about a year and a half.  He picked Dog Taxi himself.  After spotting them at the dog beach, he ran up to them and wanted to join in the fun.  When the pack moved out to play in the tide pools, our dog stared longingly after them.  He was about nine months old.  He had never shown so much interest in a group before.

Prior to Dog Taxi, he went to daycare, where he was constantly getting sick from the canine illnesses that circulate when you have 30-40 dogs in an enclosed space.  He caught kennel cough, puppy warts and giardia.  He was happy at daycare, but it wasn’t healthy at all.

Next, we tried another dog adventure company that takes does hikes in the North Shore mountains.  But our dog would come home exhausted and grumpy, with freezing cold paws and ears.  The hiking was just too much for our little guy.  He never wanted to go – when they came to pick him up, he had to be pushed out the door.  We only used that company for a week.

With Dog Taxi, our dog gets SO excited every morning when the yellow van comes.  Most mornings he sits on the couch, watching out the front window.  When the van pulls up, he vaults off the couch and races to the door.  If he’s playing and can’t see out the window, he can distinguish the sound of the vans from other cars.  He ALWAYS loves it, and adores the owners, John and Jorge.  Robert, the driver, has gone above and beyond for us.

We have run into Dog Taxi coincidentally many times on weekends and days off.  (They probably think we’re checking up on them, but we’re not, I swear!)  The happiness of the animals is so obvious when we see them.

Honestly, I’m not surprised about the negative reviews, since this service is so different from other companies.  Dog Taxi does what’s best for dogs: off-leash exercise in a variety of different locations.  That’s bound to be tougher to operate than a standard daycare or dog walking business.

John, the owner, definitely strikes me as more of a dog person than a people person.  I mean that entirely as a compliment.  I want a dog person looking after our dog, not an ad exec.  John has a lot of insight into dog psychology, and has helped us understand our dog.  From what I’ve seen over the past year and a half, everyone at Dog Taxi loves dogs and knows how to handle them.

Thanks to Dog Taxi, our dog is well socialized, fit and happy.  He’s a great little guy.  Dogs live such a short time – our breed has only 12-15 years on this earth.  We feel privileged to have him in our family.  He has brought us so much joy, and we feel he deserves the best we can provide him.  To us, that’s Dog Taxi.

We also recommended them to a friend.  Our friend’s dog was on meds for anxiety, and was nervous, yappy and aggressive (I hate to say that, but it’s true).  Dog Taxi transformed him into a calm, relaxed, friendly dog – and no more meds.

I guess I’m gushing, but I believe wholeheartedly in this company.” Stephanie Chong, Jun. 24th, 2012


“I first saw John over three years ago at Fraser River Park  and was immediately impressed with how he handled the dogs and how the dogs responded to him.  My dog has been going on walks, twice a week, with Dog Taxi ever since then.  He has also boarded several times.  The night before he goes with John,  I tell Angus he is “going with John tomorrow” and his tail starts wagging and his one year goes up (the other one is permanently  up!).  John and his team are professional, reliable, accommodating and pleasant.  When I have been on holiday, John has sent a video of Angus at the beach playing and having fun.  I know when Angus is with Dog Taxi he is being well looked after, challenged, and having a great time!” Laura McLean, Jun. 15th, 2012


“John and Jorge are awesome dog trainers and have always treated my dog and I with the utmost respect, and so I can’t understand why these comments are being posted. I rescued my dog from a situation where she was becoming too much work, and had too many “issues” and was finding it very difficult with her. I scoured the internet looking for dog trainers and emailing them, and actually going to a few, but I couldn’t find one that seemed to really care until I got in contact with John. I can honestly say that if you met my dog two years ago, and then again now, you wouldn’t think they were the same dog! She is now an amazing girl, who listens and is no longer afraid to socialize with other dogs, and I can say that is all thanks to John and his team! After two years, I have gotten to know John and his family and I know how hard they work for their business, and how much effort and time they put into each of their clients, bending over backwards to meet their needs, treating them courteously and personably. They are so understanding and flexible and aim to please their clients. I would recommend them to anyone! I know I can only speak for myself and so I can’t argue with what other people have “seen” and “experienced” but I do know that with my own experiences, I don’t believe any of the bad reviews posted here, and I hope that anyone considering taking their dog to The Dog Taxi will ignore these reviews, and form their own opinions by meeting John and his crew.” Ryan, Jun. 6th, 2012


“I highly recommend and endorse the services provided by Dog Taxi.  I travel quite frequently for work, so Dog Taxi has become a home away from home for my big guys, Thatcher and Winston, a pair of Bernese Mountain Dogs.

I found Dog Taxi on-line when I was preparing to move from Ottawa to Vancouver.  Dog Taxi was my introduction to Vancouver, a city I had never been to before. John, the owner, picked us up from the airport and shuttled us downtown to our new home.  On the way he gave me a much appreciated run down of the city, which helped me get my bearings.

I do not trust my dogs with just anyone, I should state that upfront. God love them, but they are relatively high maintenance from a health perspective. Thatcher has had two stomach surgeries so he must be monitored closely to prevent ingestion of foreign objects, and Winston suffered from a collapsed carpal joint late last year which required orthopaedic surgery and a cast for 16 weeks.  Dog Taxi values its clients so much so that during that time they were kind enough to provide me with complimentary shuttle services to and from the vet – I had spent so much money on Winston’s surgery that I could not afford taxi services. In addition to that, they took very good care of Winston when I was away on business, ensuring his cast remained dry – not an easy feat considering Vancouver’s rainy winters.

When I am on the road for work John and Jorge provide me with updates every one to two days to let me know how the big lads are doing.  John has even sent me videos of my boys playing at the beach and with other dogs, and Jorge, who is a skilled photographer, has taken some pretty awesome pictures of both Thatcher and Winston.  Dog Taxi takes them to the beach, they groom them (a service they provide), and they work with them to further develop their level of obedience.

I could go on and on about how great I think the services of Dog Taxi are, and they are great, however I think a more telling indicator of the kind of service they provide their clients is demonstrated by how excited my dogs get when the dog taxi van rolls up to pick them up.  As soon as John or Jorge open the back of the van the Thatcher and Winston jump right in, no looking back.  That is comforting for me.

Long story short, while on-line forums can be a great way to weed out the good from the bad, I think they are the first stop, not the last. The only way to really tell whether or not a particular service works for you and your pet is to give it a try.  This one works for me and my boys and I would highly recommend checking it out.” Kate Shaughnessy, May 30th, 2012