Here at Dog Taxi we know that your beloved creature is far more than just a pet.  He or she is an important member of your family and, as such, we are now offering another way to exhibit your affection.

In terms of quality and artistry, a picture taken by a professional with a high-end camera, with a studio or in natural light, is vastly superior to an enthusiastic amateur photo taken with a cell-phone.

Also, not only can we create a great picture for your desktop, social media or living-room wall but we can also produce a great variety of exciting items emblazoned with your doggie’s image:  Mugs, T-shirts, mouse pads, books, greeting cards and more!

As well as providing doggie portraits, profiles and full-body shots we can also do pictures of you and your family with your darling canine.  Lastly, if you’re a dog-lover who wishes to pose with a gaggle of cute puppies, come by and we can, most assuredly sort something out.
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Session Prices

Daycare Fashion Set                      $150

Daycare of fun with friends, Studio photos, including professional headshot, as well as natural light pictures alone and with friends.

Art Expedition                        $250 or 400

At a beach, park, your house or any other location you can think of in Vancouver. Either alone or with family.

The Deluxe Set                              $50 off

Two sessions, including all of the above.

Puppy Package                              $400

Package for newborn or young puppies.

3 sessions over 1 year to document the development of your new family member!

Affection Session                           $350 

After hours/Saturday/Sunday studio photo shoot posed with the amazing dogs from the Dog Taxi pack.  Portraits and full-body shots.  A day of light and delight!